It seems as though we were just at the pool and hitting the first soccer practices of the year in 95 degree heat, but alas Fall is here, and we are well into the Fall real estate market.

Historically this means greater competition for home sellers and more choices for home buyers, and 2016 is proving to be no exception.

In the chart at the bottom you will see that the market is making its annual Fall separation, that is, listings are on the rise or steady, and buyer activity is on the decline. Overall this means a softer market for those looking to sell their home during this time, and that buyers are more likely to get a better price and control more of the terms of a purchase agreement.

However, it is very much worth noting that, even in this market (as it is all year ’round) homes that are well prepared for sale and well marketed still command a premium and often draw competition from home buyers no matter what time of year it is.

This last bit is good news if you are someone who will need to sell sooner rather than later. Even in the winter months homes still sell every month! Here is a glimpse at what I do to help make sure YOUR home is the one that buyers will choose…