A Falls Church REALTOR@ and resident, Colin Storm has specialized in residential real estate throughout Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. since 2007. With many years of experience as a Graphic Designer and in a leadership role in 4 and 5 Start hotel environments, Colin brought a firm grasp on high level proactive client care, and an understanding of design and aesthetics. Skills that have proved indispensable in preparing homes for sale, preparing marketing plans to generate the best results possible for home sellers, and in working hand in hand with his clients along the way.

Colin and his family have made Falls Church their long term home, so they won’t going anywhere any time soon! Keep an eye out for Colin and his crew around town, be it on bikes, scooters, or sneaking in the occasional ice cream stop.

  • Full effort, full time: In an era when many homes sell in the first or second weekend it can be tempting to sit back and allow the market to do most of the work. It is Colin’s belief that, even in this environment, a carefully prepared home, a carefully crafted marketing plan, and a fully coordinated marketing launch can still make a notable difference to a home seller’s bottom line. Conversely, even with a full scale initial marketing launch in the works it can be tempting to take it for granted that a home will sell quickly, but there needs be an action plan in place if and when that doesn’t happen. Colin will work to the finish line, and beyond, often times even working with the buyer or seller of your home and their agent after the sale is complete to help assure a smooth transition.
  • Adaptability to your needs: While having a core playbook to go by is critical, no model fits all needs perfectly. One of the most important aspects of Colin’s business approach that his client’s appreciate is his adaptability to their specific needs and circumstances. Colin will help mold a strategy and action plan to your timing, budget, and unique concerns. He’ll patiently, yet proactively, help you along that agreed upon route, while also being sure to layout the challenges to that plan if and when they arise.
  • Win, win tends to be best for all: Colin believes firmly that the ideal sale or purchase of a home is a most often a win for both parties. That is not to say that all sides get the win they initially wanted, but as Colin works to get you the closest to your ideal outcome as possible, he will work carefully with the other side to better understand their desired outcomes and find logical ways to merge the two sets of expectations. In Colin’s experience, managing the transaction this way from the start pays huge dividends as additional phases of the transaction roll out, and especially if any surprises arise, i.e., financing issues, or sudden failures within the home.
  • Transparency is crucial: Full transparency throughout the transaction is absolutely essential. This ranges from transparency about any known issues with a home, to whom is involved in a transaction, to crucial conversations about the progress of the transaction (even when those conversations are uncomfortable). That is to say, at times there are things no one wants to hear, but are true and necessary to convey and to respond to. In the end full transparency brings peace of mind and trust to the transaction, for all parties.
  • There are no absolutes: Already touched upon in some ways previously, Colin rarely finds any answers that work for all questions or situations. All real estate transactions involve the numbers, but also the goals of two different parties. As a result, no transaction is ever exactly the same, and as such Colin works to create a customized plan and strategy for each client.

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