Custom CMA

Why request our free custom CMA?

If you own a home it is likely that you take a peak at your value estimates online now and then. Assuming you have done so you know just how much those estimates can vary for the same house. For instance, I just pulled up a random sample and Redfin estimates this home value at $900,300 while the Zestimate is $1,007,000.

That difference is enough to put 25% down on a $400,000 investment property. So which is more accurate? Ultimately you’ll never know for sure unless you put your house on the market, but a free custom CMA would help you sort through the mixed opinions, and set you up with more accurate expectations.

If you are making decisions about selling your home and making preparations to do so, then you may want a more in depth analysis. To schedule this more thorough review please email Colin Storm at

NOTE: Phone Number is optional.